SPRAY Anti-rust 400ml stac plastic A01020

Ideal for use in moving or static mechanical parts. It works as an unlock in the presence of rust in columns and screw elements. Thanks to its composition it allows high lubrication in all machined parts while still creating an antioxidant protective film. It has excellent penetration power and unlocks. Description: * Multifunctional blend of minerals and vegetable oils, antioxidants and organic acids. * unlocks threaded fasteners, bolts, fittings, screw collars. * Lubricates, protects against rust all machined parts. - Container: Aerosol; - Color: orange transparent; - Density: 0.80 g / cc. (+/- 0.04), at 21 ° c (liquid phase) - Propellant: gpl - Container quantity: 400ml

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